Haus der Familie Schweinfurt




competition 2011

in cooperation with Franz Reschke Landschaftsarchitektur

project team Jan Derveaux, Franz Reschke, Hendryk Mau and Frederik Springer


The ‚Zeughaus’ has changed its use several times during its century old history. Traces of this endless transformation process can be found in the facades and the interior. The valuable historic structure has been covered by the functional inner divisions.


In order to suit the reconversion of the old Zeughaus into a social support building, and to rehabilitate the valuable characteristics of the monument, a pack of three methods is being proposed:
1. Reduction: The typical ‘hall structure’ is cleaned up and set free. The structure offers a logic organisation in three clear naves.


2. Addition: New inner walls are designed and set as freestanding furniture-like elements.


3. Transformation: Inviting funnel-shaped openings are made into the massive stone facade: a sequel of the endless transformation process.