Rudolphsplatz Marburg

urban planning



competition 2011, 3th prize

in cooperation with Franz Reschke Landschaftsarchitektur

project team Jan Derveaux, Franz Reschke, Frederik Springer, Selva Dietzfelbinger and Anna Vogels


The Rudolphsplatz is bordering the river Lahn and appears as a traffic knot between Marburg and Weidenhausen on the left bank. The urban, densely built surroundings of this open area are in big contrast to the mainly green and wide river banks up- and downstream. The main strategy of the proposal is to reinforce the strong urbanity of the site and to requalify the river banks.


New public services, a city library and an social support centre, are located in two new buildings along the river. These buildings clearly frame the entrance towards the city centre and define a pedestrian area along the water that is protected from traffic and noise. The rotation principle of the gable roofs offer a multiple front facade to each of them and allows integration in the historic context as well as active interaction with the surrounding open areas.


The right river bank in this central area is developed as a sequens of three different and characteristic segments. A lively, urban square with a new pedestrian bridge and wide stairs towards the water in the south. A leafy river level surface with a summer bar to the north. A green slope under the shade of willows in the central part.